FIELD iD Inspection, Audit & Safety Compliance Management

Tired of Using Paper? FIELD iD Can Help.

FIELD iD uses three main technologies to help solve the traditional problems associated with inspection, audit and safety compliant management and reporting.

1. Instant Identification Using RFID and Barcodes

The first step in an inspection or audit is identification. Instead of relying solely on serial numbers. FIELD iD also utilises barcodes and RFID technology which can automate identification.

Imagine scanning a piece of equipment such as a harness or a fire extinguisher and instantly identifying it and knowing whether it’s safe to use. That’s what FIELD iD can do for you.


- No chance for human error.

- Quick identification.

2. Inspections Using Mobile Devices

Do you still use a clipboard to do your inspections and audits? FIELD iD uses a wide array of handheld devices including mobiles so that you don’t have to rely on paper anymore. Scan in a piece of equipment and in the palm of your hand know whether that piece of equipment is safe to use.


- Out of the box checklists for all equipment types.

- One-click inspections to save time and eliminate errors.

3. Reporting Over the Web

Being able to produce inspection and safety compliance documentation easily if and when required is a common headache amongst organisations. If there is ever an audit or accident you need to be able to access inspection reports immediately.

FIELD iD allows you access to safety performance reports as well as safety documentation at all times. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your safety data and analytics are securely stored and accessible on the web.


- Access to safety reports and analytics 24/7 over the web.

- Real-time safety compliance status.


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