Multiple injuries caused by high-pressure fluid releases - 9.4.19

Several injuries caused by high-pressure fluid releases have recently been reported to the NSW Resources Regulator. Each of the incidents took place while experienced contract maintenance workers in the mining industry were undertaking work on hydraulic systems. According to the regulator, high-pressure fluid release was not intended, but was caused... Read more.

Inspectors find unsafe electrical practices on solar farms - 2.4.19

Audits and investigations around Queensland solar farms over the past 12 months have revealed a number of properties are not ensuring adequate electrical safety. These investigations have been carried out by the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) and Workplace Health and Safety(WHS), with over 30 solar farms visited and 67 notices issued. According... Read more.

Company with 20 previous health and safety convictions fined - 28.2.19

A North Island wood processing company with 20 previous health and safety convictions over the last two decades has landed in front of the courts again. Juken New Zealand Limited was sentenced at the Kaitaia District Court yesterday, following an incident which saw a worker suffer serious steam burns. In... Read more.

Worker injured due to substandard machine guarding - 13.2.19

Toilet paper manufacturer Cottonsoft Ltd received a sentencing decision in the Manukau District Court yesterday after a worker was hurt on inadequately guarded machinery. The sentencing followed a January 2017 incident where the worker sustained crush injuries, degloving and lacerations after his arms were caught in rollers. He also... Read more.

Timber company fined after two workers sustain serious injuries - 5.2.19

Two similar health and safety failings within three months have cost Rotorua timber company Claymark Limited over $680,000 in fines, reparations and costs. WorkSafe says that one serious injury on a company’s watch is bad enough, but that a second in close succession shows an unacceptable approach to worker... Read more.